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To empower organisations to pay their employees fairly, responsibly, inclusively and compliantly!


Confidential, Compliant, Inclusive, Professional and Specific


Averile Ryder Global Reward Specialists has been in business since August 1999.  Our offices are currently situated in Edenvale, a town which is approximately a 10-minute drive to and from the O.R. Tambo Airport.  Our office landline contact telephone no. is:  +27 (0) 11 453 1983 or 083 293 2037

All interventions offered by ARGRS are tailored to each company’s specific requirements and within a “total rewards strategy” as human capital development solutions must suit the operational needs of the relevant business.  To this end, and to ensure long-term effectiveness and sustainability, projects are discussed in detail with the client before implementation.

The majority of our clients are located in South Africa, however, we also work within all the African Continent Countries, the USA and Europe

An organisation “total rewards” strategy consists of the following key concepts or intervention areas:

  • Internal Equity – equal pay for equal work within the same organization.  This includes reporting structures, job descriptions for all job categories and job evaluation (grading of jobs).  We specialize in grading jobs using the Paterson System of Job Evaluation.
  • External Equity – equal pay for equal work when compared to the organisation’s comparator organisations’.  The market for any job category “is where you lose your labour to and attract your labour from”. 
  • Employee Equity – Individual employee retention, recognition and the performance management. This includes performance appraisals, annual salary increases based on employee performance, short term, long term incentives and commission schemes.    
  • Organisation Financial Resources and Philosophy, i.e. to be a lag, lead / lag or lead payer in the relevant market.  An organization needs to have a plan as to what sort of payer they want to be and how to get there. 


  • Advising organisations on organograms and reporting structures;
  • Drafting job descriptions / profiles / families;
  • Job Evaluation, Paterson and Customised Systems of Job Evaluation;
  • Training job evaluation committees on “How to grade jobs using the Paterson Systems of Job Evaluation”;
  • Employee, Executive and Non-Executive Directors – remuneration surveys and benchmarking;
  • Carrying out regression analysis and developing pay scales in accordance with a “line of best fit”;
  • Advising and working extensively with Boards of Directors and Remuneration / Human Resources Committees of the Board’;
  • Assist organisations to design and implement “total reward strategies”
  • Assisting organisations to implement and / or improve on performance management programs;
  • Designing and assisting organisations to implement short term and long-term incentive schemes;
  • Carrying out payroll audits;
  • Market Salary Reports;
  • Advising clients on changes / amendments to labour and other legislation;
  • Drafting remuneration and human resource policies and procedures;
  • Carrying out a wide range of salary and benefits surveys in particular in the NPO, Shipping, Sugar, Hospital, FMCG, Medical, Large and Small Banking Industries and Sectors in South Africa, 
  • Presenting in house and public reward and talent management workshops which includes the following:
    • How to write job descriptions / profiles and develop job families
    • How to grade jobs using the Paterson system of job evaluation
    • Understanding and the administration of allowances and benefits within the “total cost to company” concept
    • How to target and use the correct salary surveys and compute what your employees are being paid against the relevant market;
    • How to develop a market related pay scale in accordance with “a line of best fit”?
    • The nuts and bolts of a performance management program / incentive scheme

We have the experience, references and skills to manage large compensation and human resource projects


Our clients are too numerous to mention.  For more information about the organisation that we are privileged to call our clients you can visit our website on www.averileryder.co.za


Should you be interested in finding out more about how Averile Ryder Global Reward Specialists will be of benefit or can assist your organisation please feel free to call or email us to discuss your requirements.

Our Contact Persons are:

Averile Ryder - Founding Member and Master Reward Professional

Tel:  +27(0) 11 453 1983 or +27(0) 83 293 2037

Facsimile:  086 730 3093

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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