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Please be reminded of the above ARGRS - 4 Year -  NPO Salary Survey offer!  Fair, responsible and well planned remuneration policies, strategies and targeting and using the correct salary surveys that are confidential, compliant, professional, specific and exclusive are essential for attracting, retaining and motivating key human capital!!!

Our purpose is to empower organisations to pay their employees fairly, responsibly, inclusively and compliantly

Globally there is also an increasing trend for governments to outsource community health and other services to the non-profit sector.  Social enterprises will become more fashionable and will aim to achieve the kind of objectives that non-profit organisations aim for. This hybrid model will be particularly attractive to a new generation of entrepreneurs and philanthropically minded investors.

Non-profit organisations are therefore also becoming or should strive to be more efficient and business like, with more enhanced professionalism, governance, audit, monitoring and evaluation practices.   Fierce competition between non-profit organisations will become the norm and will be on par with the profit sector.  Resulting in the non-profit sector having to attract, motivate and retain some of the best available human capital.

In order for ARGRS to provide consistent, reliable salary survey outputs and reports, reliable data input is required on an annual basis for the relevant NPO Sectors and / or Clusters.  For this reason, ARGRS is making available the above four-year period Salary Survey offer, covering the years 2017 to 2020, inclusive.

For more information and details related to the above salary survey offer including the benefits and discounted prices from 2018, please see the below attachment.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if we can be of any further assistance and / or come to your offices to discuss our offer in more detail!  All our contact details are below.

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