July 2017 NPO Salary Survey

Deadline for submission is 31 July 2017

It is that time of the year again.  This is the 18th year we will be processing this survey and we would hugely appreciate your organisation’s participation in this survey again or for the first time this year.  The report will be a valuable indicator of the NPO compensation and benefit practices in South Africa which contributes to you attracting, retaining and motivating your human capital.  

There are approximately 350 (three hundred and fifty) benchmark position descriptions in our NPO Salary Survey this year. All compensation levels will be analyzed exhaustively into lower, median and upper quartiles and averages for sample as follows:

Annual Guaranteed Pay:  Basic salary, the value of all cash and non-cash benefits and allowances and guaranteed total compensation levels;

Annual Variable Pay:  The value of performance incentive bonus “caps”; and

Annual “Total-Cost-to-Company” TCC: The total value of all guaranteed and variable pay;

In addition, salaries by grade tables will also be included which can be used for positions you may have in your organisation and for which there is no benchmark position description.

We will also be collecting, analyzing and reporting on the following information for the NPO Sector in South Africa:

  • Survey Sample and Data Source;
  • Remuneration Trends and Policies;
  • Performance Based Pay and Incentives;
  • Work Related Allowances / Reimbursements;
  • Normal Working Hours;
  • Annual Leave Entitlements;
  • Additional Annual or Sabbatical Leave Based on length of Service or Some other Criteria;
  • Maternity Leave;
  • Family Responsibility Leave;
  • Sick leave;
  • Exam and Study Leave; and
  • Remuneration Paid to Non-Executive Chairpersons, Directors and Members of the Board and Board Committees

Please note there is NO COST to participate in the survey, unless you order a copy of the salary survey report.  Organisations' who, however, participate in the survey will pay 100%  less for the report than those organisations who do not participate. The deadline for you to submit your organisation’s completed questionnaire and remuneration levels is 15 September 2017.

Our price for an e-copy of our July 2017 NPO Salary Survey Report up until and including 28 February 2018, for participant and non-participant organisations’ is detailed in the table below:

Price based on number of full and part time permanent and fixed term contract employees budgeted for your current financial  year

1 – 10

11 - 20

21 - 50

51 - 100

101 - 200

201 - 300

301 - 400

401 - 500

501 - 750

751 – 1 000

1 000+

E-Copy Survey Report Price for organisations who DO participate in our July 2017 NPO Salary Survey in ZAR












E-Copy Survey Report Price for organisations who DO NOT participate in our July 2017 NPO Salary Survey in ZAR












All the above prices exclude VAT @ 14%.

The following documents below can be downloaded for your perusal and completion:

1.         Word Questionnaire, for completion

2.         350 Benchmark Position Descriptions for matching to positions in your organisation and for completing appendix 3, the compensation levels form

3.         Compensation levels form, for completion

Please let us know if we can invoice you for our July 2017 (South Africa) NPO Salary Survey Report.  If you prefer, we can also complete the questionnaire, on your behalf, telephonically.  Please telephone Averile Ryder on 0027(0)11-453-0080 or 0027(0)83-293-2037 in order to arrange this.  Also please do not hesitate to contact Averile if you have any questions regarding the survey or require assistance to participate.  Please let us know if you would like us to contact, and try to persuade, organisations’ whom you deem your comparators, to participate in the survey as well.  In addition, please let us know if you would like us to add or amend any of our position descriptions in order to suit your organisations’ requirements?

Please note that Averile Ryder Global Reward Specialists ensures absolute confidentiality and under no circumstances will we disclose any individual organisation’s information to any other comparator participant organisation!

The final deadline for submission of your competed questionnaire and compensation levels is 15 September 2017.

We look forward to, and would greatly appreciate, your organisation’s participation in our survey again or for the first time this year!

In the meantime take care and many blessings!

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