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This is the first (1st) year that Averile Ryder Global Reward Specialists has carried out a remuneration survey for South African based Non-Profit Organisations focusing specifically on the remuneration received (if any) paid to Non-Executive Chairpersons, Directors, Members of the Board and Board Committee members.

We would like to thank those organisations who participated in this survey and for taking the time and effort to do so – without you this survey report would not have been made possible.   We are therefore extremely grateful for the time and effort put in by your organisation in order to participate in this survey. 

Averile Ryder Reward Specialists have processed salary, benefits and conditions of employment surveys and in addition has consulted to numerous public sector, profit and non-profit organisation’s in human resources and reward across Pan Africa for over 25 years, and have repeatedly witnessed that those organisations who have transparent, fair and defensible compensation or reward strategies, attract and retain the best available talent.  This always results in more effective, sustainable, economically and socially responsible and successful organisations.

Whilst our world is changing, human nature is the same as it was two thousand years ago.  People still look for meaning in their lives and want to feel that they make a difference and work for organisations they believe in, providing products and services that make the world a better place.

Not only on the African Continent, but globally there is an increasing trend for governments to outsource community health and other services to the non-profit sector.  Social enterprises will become more fashionable and whilst expected to make profits will also aim to achieve the kind of objectives that a non-profit organisation will aim for. This hybrid model will be particularly attractive to a new generation of entrepreneurs and philanthropically minded investors.

The cost of the report for participating and non-participating organisations', excluding VAT @ 14% is shown below:

        Participant Organisations’

     Non-Participant Organisations’

R 5 000.00

R 10 000.00

All the above prices exclude VAT @ 14%.

Good Reward Governance Entails:

Promoting the highest standard of corporate governance, transparency and consistency in the disclosure and decision making of remuneration related matters;

Adhering to minimum standards in the composition of remuneration committees and the finalisation or mandates for these committees; and

All remuneration related decisions must be governed by a well-documented remuneration philosophy and policy to prevent 

Your organisation’s use of our 2017 NPO Non-Executive Chairpersons, Directors, Members of the Board and Board Committees Remuneration and conditions of appointment survey will assist your organisation hugely in achieving good reward governance!!!!

The information was analysed exhaustively into retainers, payment per meetings, combination of retainer and payment per meetings and for ad hoc assignments. In addition, the data will also be analyzed into the relevant NPO Sectors and NPO Organisation size parameters and which includes annual operating budgets; total no. of permanent and fixed term contract employees and annual salary and wage bill.

Please let us know if we can invoice you for our 2017 Non-Executive Chairpersons, Directors, Members of the Board and Board Committees NPO Survey Report.

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